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After a stellar career of over 20 years with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, we are extremely pleased to add Angela Freyman, MBA, EA to our team. Angela has graduated with honors from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business. Angela was an Alumni Scholar at New York University and chose to attend the school after receiving an almost full scholarship to reward her academic success and community involvement. She has traveled the world as part of the scholarship and received a Bachelor’s Degree with double-majors in Economics and Finance, taught by the most revered professors in this industry.

Upon graduation, Angela immediately was hired by the Markets Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where she helped carry out the nation’s monetary policy by working with senior professionals in analyzing the country’s financial and economic growth, contributing to the Group’s recommendations for the monetary policy decisions, which were presented to the Board of Governors, led by Alan Greenspan at the time, and subsequently – by Ben Bernanke. The monetary policy decisions of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve were then carried out by the staff of the Markets Group, and Angela was proud to be a part of this important process. Angela has worked in portfolio management, foreign exchange, Central Bank foreign currency holdings, and fixed income/Treasury markets areas. She analyzed as well as executed complex transactions with billions of dollars at stake, calculated portfolio risk, authored research materials, and interacted with all levels of management and clientele across Wall Street’s financial institutions.

While working full time, Angela was accepted into the NYU Stern’s Graduate School of Management, which she attended part-time while working – and also starting a family. No wonder her kids are doing so well in school – they were exposed to learning since before they were born! With little sleep and a determination to succeed, Angela earned the Master of Business Administration designation from one of the top business schools in the nation with a double-major of CPA-Track Accounting and Finance. Her high GPA score is a testament to her dedication to the study of the Profession.

Angela’s 20 years as an analyst at one of the nation’s most respected financial institutions have taught her critical thinking and exposed her to a variety of financial issues she can now apply to her clients’ specific tax and financial situations. Moreover, her experience at the Fed has made her into a true professional, with a passion, and a never-ending desire to learn. She enjoys researching complex tax topics and finding innovative strategies for implementation in her clients’ tax plans.

Angela is an Enrolled Agent admitted to practice before the IRS and is currently studying for the CPA exam, and we are eager to add her as a partner at the firm in the near future.

Angela’s core competencies include the ability to analyze and manipulate complex data samples and finding significant patterns, excellent written and oral communication, strong research skills, and a desire to connect with her clients, understand their specific needs, and exceed their expectations. She can contribute to her clients’ success through her portfolio management expertise, deep knowledge of fixed income and foreign exchange markets, and growing proficiency in the tax code. She is now a valued member of our team.

Angela excels at tax preparation, taking on the most complex assignments. She has worked with clients on projecting their tax liabilities and modeled various scenarios to achieve the clients’ financial goals. She takes part in client representation in front of the IRS and other taxing authorities and has helped save clients thousands of dollars, as well as guided them through audit processes. Angela also serves as an operations manager of our firm, running the day-to-day operations, and managing our workflows. Her responsibilities include client communications, contract writing, and financial aspects of our business.


Angie’s personal interests:

In addition to pursuing a CPA designation, Angela enjoys bicycling, rollerblading, running, yoga, obstacle course racing, cooking, spending time with her family, traveling, and reading on various health-related topics.