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Technology Accounting Atlanta

Boost Your Tech Business with Quality Financial Management

Technology accountants at Atlanta Business Accountants are passionate about business, making it their mission to provide high-quality accounting for tech companies everywhere. With technology continuously evolving and companies doing business worldwide–our services successfully navigate business owners through the complexities of tax laws and regulations.

Whether you’re operating nationally or simply focusing on statewide sales, even the top dogs of the legal and tax law arena have difficulties allocating income as the landscape is greatly uncharted–that’s where we come in.


Know The Industry

Experience the Difference of a Technology Accountant That Knows Your Industry

With plenty of technology accounting experience, our team of tech accountants has the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to help overcome your financial challenges. From software and subscriptions to electronic businesses – let us tailor a package that works for your business.

Comprehensive Help for Start-Ups, Crowdfunding Sites, and More

Are you running a crowdfunding site or in the planning stage without any physical sales? As one of the more complex areas of tax law, it can be understandably challenging to ensure you’re in compliance. With the help of our accounting for tech startups, you get the guidance needed to succeed in this ever-changing landscape.
  • Stay in compliance with state-specific tax laws and regulations
  • Guidance for multi-state compliance
  • Business taxes, sales taxes, tangible property taxes, and payroll taxes
  • Help to navigate and plan according to state law