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Mr. Freyman began his career in New York City’s major Coop and Condo auditing CPA firm over at Jericho, New York, where he was exposed to all aspects of this New York-exclusive industry. He followed on to work for a regional firm Friedman LLP, where he worked on Fortune 500 audits in New Jersey. While still working at these fairly junior accounting jobs, Greg had a dream – to build his own accounting firm, and since 2004, he slowly began growing his practice, first preparing tax returns for family and friends from his living room/office, relying on word of mouth to grow his client base.

Having gained valuable public accounting experience, Greg moved into the private sector, and specialized in real estate management, as he flourished under the training of the CFO of a mega-company with a very large market share, at the peak of the industry. In this role, Greg managed a portfolio of 80+ buildings.

From there, Greg pursued his public accounting interests and moved back to get licensed. He worked in regional firms like Holtz Rubenstein Reminick LLP, Fried & Kowgios Partners CPA’s LLP, and Constantine Serval & Associates, specializing in foreign tax, theater industry (Broadway) audit, compilations and reviews, write up work, and more.

Eventually, Greg moved to the Consulting sector and worked as an outsourced controller for a non-profit organization, Center for the Integration & Advancement of New Americans (CIANA), and for Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC, a $100-million legal funding firm, all while building his practice.

Greg is passionate about his profession, and his clients can see the difference this makes. As his practice continued to grow, Greg has devoted all his time and resources to help his firm succeed. He stays up-to-date on the latest developments in tax and accounting rules and regulations. He is always thinking of ways to help his clients utilize tax-saving strategies and protect themselves from tax audits. He has equipped his firm with the best technology to optimize the client experience, and he invests in his employees, helping them learn the best practices and succeed.

What this means to you is a top-level, personalized, and responsive accounting, tax, or audit service, delivered with expertise and tailored exactly to your needs.

Greg’s personal interests are in alignment with Angela’s as they spend all their free time together. Greg is very passionate about health

and fitness as well as learning new things through reading extensively.