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Real Estate Accounting Atlanta

Simplify Your Finances


Real estate accounting services at Atlanta Business Accountants are designed to put clients at ease while streamlining financial operations.

As a real estate investor, property owner, or real estate professional in Atlanta, you understand the complexities and nuances of managing real estate finances. Whether you own residential or commercial properties, keeping track of income, expenses, taxes, and financial reporting can be overwhelming. That’s where our talented real estate accountant team comes in.


Top-Notch Accounting

We provide top-notch accounting services tailored specifically to the unique needs of the real estate market.

With our in-depth knowledge of real estate accounting principles and local tax laws, we can help you streamline your financial processes, optimize your tax strategies, and achieve your financial goals. Trust us to handle your real estate accounting needs, so you can focus on confidently growing your real estate portfolio.

The Intricacies of Finance

Let Us Handle the Intricacies of Finance while You Focus on the Ever-Changing Market

If you find yourself Googling real estate accountant near me but aren’t clear on what to look for, we have you covered with a full spectrum of real estate accounting services, encompassing those individuals listed below.


Flippers (S Corp Owners)

Real Estate Investors (Individuals, LLC Owners, Partnerships, and/or Family Limited Partnerships)

Land Trusts and LLCs

Real Estate Managers and Agents

From subchapter S tax laws and partnership tax laws to cash and accrual accounting, ABA has you covered with accurate, on-time services you need to meet your real estate bookkeeping needs and grow your operations.

Comprehensive Real Estate Accounting Services

The Real Estate CPA Team At Atlanta Business Accountants Is Happy To Offer The Following Services And More.

Financial statement preparation

Preparation of accurate and reliable financial statements.

Tax planning and compliance

Assistance with tax planning strategies to minimize tax liability and ensure compliance with relevant tax laws and regulations.

Entity structuring and formation

Advising on the optimal legal entity structure for real estate investments for tax purposes.

Cash flow analysis

Analysis of cash flows for real estate investments to assess profitability, evaluate financing options, and optimize investment returns.

Cost segregation studies

Cost segregation studies and accelerating depreciation deductions for commercial properties, etc.

1031 exchanges

Guidance and crucial tax-savings support for tax deferred 1031 exchanges.

Risk management

Evaluating and managing risks associated with real estate investments.

Financial analysis and forecasting

Financial analysis and forecasting for real estate investments.

Recordkeeping and bookkeeping

Accurate and organized financial records and bookkeeping for real estate investments.

Consultation and advisory services

Expert advice and consultations on various financial and tax matters.

Correcting reporting errors

New recent tax law changes allow for taxpayers to correct costly common mistakes for depreciation of their business or investment assets using forms like IRS form 3115 in a single year instead of having to to fix years of incorrectly reported tax filings - forms like 3115 are specifically designed with real estate in mind.